Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Advance b-day of my bhebe... Dec. 18 2010

This year Dec. 25, 2010 were my son will turn 8th yrs. old this coming christmas, for a change on his b-day we just make it simple b-day but a b-day that he will not gonna forget and he will be very happy. From the past he always celebrated his b-day at home with guests or in his school with his classmates with cakes and balloons. But last week he celebrated his b-day in advance with my 2 little cousin who's almost same age like him, with my mom and me of course. We went to the super malls and i put them in a playhouse, unlimited fun, then we just dine in there also, i bought a cake, ice cream and a package of food. They played on token machines and we went to a toy store were he bought a very nice and educational toy, i already advance his b-day gift also last month but this time this toy is from my honey bunny, his gift to my son. Pics above shows on what we did on his advance b-day last week.

Friday, December 17, 2010

A busy week for us at work... 12-13-17-2010

This week is really been a busy week for us at work.. we gave our clients x-mas gifts and we opened for the exchange of new bills... on the 1st day of the week we put x-mas tags on the gifts. Clients are very happy to received special gifts from our bank... u can see on their faces that they're excited and happy when they received the gift. I am almost standing for the whole day so my legs hurt and yesterday i had a terrible headache too, but took my med. and it was gone. But of course all are worth bcoz we know that we made our clients happy this x-mas and its all worth it... but glad too that were done now with our busy week today and we're ready to a merry x-mas vacation by next week.

Philippines new bills...

These are our new bills here in the Philippines.