Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just Emo... ^___^

yeah u know gurls honey is not excited when we're waiting for the noa2 but now that i already have an interview date he told me he is excited about it and even me of course, bcoz after the long visajourney for us.. this is it!!! this morning when i chatted with my FI we really talked so much and i love it when we talked about things that involves us.. i think i am well prepared and hope that i can satisfy the CO who will gonna interview me.. honey is asking about the releasing of the visa and i said oh i will gonna wait 1-2 wks. or worst 3 wks. before i can have my visa and he said oh no.. hope not bcoz he wants me to be there before his retirement ceremony, only a month and i know days really pass by so quick.. for now i am excited, nervous and happy... not that really sad bcoz i know my love ones wish me to be happy tho i will left them here in PI but nothing will gonna change they will be always my family and i know they will gonna be there for me.. and my son will follow next year so that's what i am looking into it and that makes me happy, knowing that in time we will be together again and i will gonna have with me the two most important people in the whole world for me.. honey and my baby migz... i love u both so much...