Monday, January 10, 2011

Our New Year 2010

Welcome Year 2011!!!! These pics shows how we celebrated our new yrs. eve, how we welcome the year of the rabit. Lots of foods on the table, round fruits, rice with coins, money and coins inside our wallet, fireworks and my son blowing his trumphet. On the 1st year me and my son watched movie at the movie house... we went to the church to offer candle and prayed to God to continue bless us this year, thanked for Him for the wonderful year He all gave us. On the new years eve i chatted with friends and love ones online.

RBTI,Tayabas Branch- Christmas Party 2010

These pics were taken last Dec. 23, 2010 our christmas
party at the bank. Just wanna say thank u to my office mates and to our manager for giving us a wonderful X-mas. I love u all...

Mark - Tina- Mix pics during Christmas 2010

Well these pictures are about how me and honey celebrated our christmas this yr. 2010. Honey, fetched his kids from Texas and they flew to Virginia to visit his dad and spent the holidays there. While me enjoying the christmas with my family here. Honey and his family had the exchange gift, i gave my family to an advance christmas gifts. Me and my family attended the mass and we shared our foods during the christmas eve.

RBTI, Lucena Branch- Christmas Party 2010

Hi to my blogger friends, its been awhile since i update my blog so here i am to share u once again my stories, well its quite late already but i still want to share u all these, it was just been so busy for me too lately so i didnt have the time to visit my blog. These pictures i am sharing was taken last Dec. 2010, from our bank branch Christmas party. They always inviting me to their x-mas party every year... we eat, we dance, sing.. and exchanging of gifts. Its really fun to be with them at least once a year. They are fun to be with and i am thankful to them that they are good friends to me.