Thursday, March 31, 2011

List i did for my medical at SLEC:

1. Copy of my annulment documents
2. Scan copy of NOA2 and my manila case no.
3. Fee: $213.35-adult; $185.35 (14 yrs. and below )
4. Passport
5. 2x2 pic US passport size- 5 pcs.
6. 2 Valid IDs
7. Fee for Psych Evaluation- P 1,000.00; and Psych Test- P 3,000.00

* I need to know my fiance's mother's maiden name

* My fiance contact no.

* My fiance address
* My expected departure.. like: month and yr.

* Vaccination History- son

* Operation History- tina

* If i have relatives in US their: Name, Address, and contact no.


Bring biscuit and water
Much better to go after ur menstrual period

List i did for my CFO...

1. Copy of my annulment docs. and my fiance's divorce decree
2. Few K1 evidences, like few pics together, YM call history, e-mails..
3. Docs. like BC, CENMAR, NBI- photocopy only
4. Copy of passport
5. Fee: 250- seminar; 400- sticker
6. 2x2 pic US passport size- 3 pcs.
7. 2 valid IDs