Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I did Biometric Walk- In- USCIS, OKC

hello guys, i just wanna share my experience in my biometric walk-in today.... my orig. sched. biometric is Sept. 23, 2011, we received the notice 1st wk. of this mon. and told to my husband about walk-in but he doesnt want to do it bcoz he is thinking it might not work and wasted our time goin in OKC but then today, this morning when we woke up he told me he is thinking about to do it and bcoz he is also curious if we can do it :D , he called the no. of USCIS on the notice and the rep. said that we can't do it... unless we change our sched. but i insisted to my husband we can do it and even he dont know if it will gonna work we went still just to make me happy... ;) bcoz i really want to do it and told him i saw others they can do walk in...
i have with me my notice, passport, military id, ssn card, and our MC, before we enter the uscis building the guard called 1st inside and asked if i can have my bio in advance and fortunately they allow me to do my biometric today even it will gonna be on friday... but i am just lucky today that only few people are inside the building bcoz if not they will not entertain me and i need to go back on my orig. sched., well as like other said only 15 mins. and i am done with my business on USCIS building, had my finger scanned and took my pix, and the employee there gave us a handbook with a CD for naturalization and told me to study it. :P :luv:

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trip to Alexandria Virginia and Washinton D.C

After a month that i arrived here in USA from the Philippines honey ko and I visited her mom in their home in Virginia... i just wanna share some photos from our 1st trip together here in US.... we really enjoyed that trip, especially me that this is my 1st time to travel in other states of USA aside from where we live...... so happy to see all those places we visited bcoz i only see them in the books i read back in the Philippines and now i saw them real.. thank u to honey and to his family...