Saturday, April 16, 2011

My medical experience at SLEC and seminar at PRISM

I had my first day of medical at slec yesterday, april 13, 2011, i was in the slec building, 9:30am, my pretty cousin accompanied me. I dont have eligible letter bcoz i didnt waited for it... i dont have scan copy of my noa2 and nvc letter either, i just show the guard the letter that slec replied me and my 2 e-notification from USCIS and NVC. The guard stamped my right arm the blue ink and he gave me the PDS form and instructed me to it fill up and give it to the US reception which is on the right side corner on the ground floor.

US Reception- where i submitted my PDS form and the lady there put all my my informations on the computer, i had my finger scanning and picture.After that the lady there told me to proceed to the 5th flr.

5th flr.- i went straight to the cashier and paid for my medical fee and they told me to proceed to 4th flr.

4th flr.- where i did my urine and blood test...

3rd flr.- where i did my chest x-ray

5th flr.- where i did my eye check test, weight and height...waiting.... then vital sign.. waiting again..... physical exam....i was sent to a nice doctor, room no. 7, she asked about medical history and some medical related question... she checked my body.. breast, arms, front and behind (lol).. but she noticed my very little rashes on my right arm that is the reason why i was referred to a dermatologist and also bcoz i am annulled i was referred to under-go the psychological evaluation, i am the petitioner but i am also found psychologically incapacitated.i went again to 5th flr. and instructed me to go to the Ground flr.

Ground flr.- went to window M, to famous Mr. Clark, he instructed me what i need to do.. and he scheduled me for an evaluation today at 8am.

i was out at slec building at 1:15pm.. i suggest for those who are not yet doin their medical to go to slec not very early, to avoid some incident that we dont know might happen.. like dont walk on the street of ermita so early.. u can walk in at slec maybe 7am and in the afternoon too.. and dont go to slec monday bcoz for sure there will be lots of people doin the medical, so for me much better to go at slec after monday... ;)

i was sent to St. Luke's Medical Center bcoz the dermatologist's clinic is there, where i met 4 girls and they are also processing K1, sofa visa... they dont know VJ so i suggested to them to register also on that helpful site. i heard some of them paid much money bcoz they have serious skin problem that need them to under-go laboratory and other stuff... but she told me i dont have problem with my skin just that my skin is sensitive and was irritated bcoz a little portion of my right arm got dry and it was irritated when i scratched it. i have a cream that i am using and good that it is correct but she still gave me a cream to help regulate my skin and she instructed me to stop using it if i see that the portion is ok. she told me to change my soap to mild soap, use my cream for a week. that's all and i paid for the check up fee and for the cream she gave me.on monday afternoon the dermatologist's report will be at slec hands.

ok here's what happened to my second day medical...

i arrive at slec building 15 mins. before 8am my schedule time for my psych evaluation.. i showed the guard my receipt and he told me to proceed again to window M (Mr. Clark), and he asked me about what happened to my visit to the dermatologist and he told me i dont see anything to ur right arm hehehe... yeah coz it is really so small.... and he instructed me to proceed to 5th flr. to pay for the psych evaluation... and then i waited my name to be called for psychiatric evaluation... when my name called i was accompanied by the lady guard to proceed to 6th flr. where the room of the psychiatric doctor is located.. he only asked my name... about my family.. like name of my parents.. their occupation... how many siblings do i have.. and he read my paper.. and that's all.. he told me there is nothing wrong with u.. in fact your X-partner is the one who has a disorder... but it is a public document he said and the embassy knew about it... he knew that i was given a disorder too just to annulled my marriage and now i know the reason why we petitioner really need to repeat again the psych test... bcoz we need to prove that we dont have disorder and as i said he really told me.. i dont see anything wrong with u and he is smiling at me and say... kau tlgang mga bata kahit ano pinalalagay sa annulment doc. basta ma-annulled lang kau hehehehe.. i paid 1,000 for that evaluation and my gosh i was interviewed only for less than 3 mins... awhile ago i was talking to the dr. who will gonna give me the PEPS and she scheduled me tomorrow morning... then after two weeks that is the time i can do my vaccination... and i am done... but of course i am ready for this already bcoz i know from the start that maybe, i might encounter these procedures, read lots of cases before so that's ok with me.. what i really prayed so much is for me not to have the sputum.. bcoz it will give me so much delays... and thank God i dont need to do it....

after i had my evaluation i met ate Rhea Manalo Broughton, if i am not mistaken ehhee.. she is nice... but we just met at slec she is done with her med., she just had her immunization this morning and me i went straight to PRISM to do my seminar...

BTW i had a cesarean operation but they didnt ask for any record operation...

Fees: 9,174- medical fee

1,200- dermatologist fee and cream

1,000- psych evaluation

3,000- psych test

today, April 15, 2011

i did my psychological test at PEPS clinic located in Que. City, it was a battery of test, 850 items, T/F, Y/N, flash cards, one on one interview, question answer portion, puzzle, what is the missing part, math, abstract, and making stories regarding the pictures that the dr. gave me. Its a whole day test, and i paid for it for 3,000. They are the one who will gonna forward it to SLEC after two weeks, and that is the time i can do my vaccination.


i went to PRISM to do my CFO seminar, it went good... they gave us hand outs and pay for 150 pesos for that... the seminar's fee is 250 pesos.. but goin back after i have my visa to get my cert. and sticker... sticker's fee will be 400..

and these are the list of my requirements i brought with me...

1. Copy of my annulment docs. and my fiance's divorce decree

2. Few pics together

3. Docs. like BC, CENMAR, NBI- photocopy only

4. Copy of passport of my passport and copy of my petitioner's passport

5. Fee: 250- seminar; 400- sticker

6. 2x2 pic US passport size- 3 pcs.

7. 2 valid IDs



PEPS Result: Apr. 25, 2011

Eligible Letter Received: Apr. 27, 2011

Vaccination: May 2, 2011- MEDICAL PASSED!!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

How i arranged my documents and evidences for my K1 visa interview...

Folder A:

Appointment Letter

BPI Receipt

Eligible Letter


NVC Letter

DS- Forms:

DS- 156

DS- 156K

DS- 157

Withdrawal Letter (previous K1 Yr. 2009)

Folder B:

Birth Certificate

Annotated Marriage Contract



Certified True Copy of Court Decision ( Annulment- Tina )

Certified True Copy of Finality ( Annulment- Tina )

Mark's Copy of Divorce Decree

Affidavit of Name Discrepancy

Folder C:

Western Union Receipts

Package Receipts

I- 134 Form

Salary Pay Stub



Certification from Employment

Folder D:

Printscreen/ snapshots visa YM and Skype

Used IDD Calls ( Tina to Mark )

Txt Messages Print Outs

Folder E:


Folder F:


Hotel Receipt

Passport Stamp ( Mark )

Folder G:


Chat Logs

Cards and E- cards

List of Documents i asked from my Honey Bunny...

1. Copy of his Divorce Decree
2. Petitioner's Renewed Letter of Intent to Marry addressed to the US Embassy, Manila
3. I-134 Form
4. Salary Pay Stub ( at least 6 mons. )
5. ITR ( 3 yrs. )- yrs. 2008, 2009-2010
6. W2 (3yrs.)- 2008-2009-2010
7. Certificate of Employment

* on this letter contain his rank, salary,how many yrs in service, his location, then sign by his commander...

8. Our hotel receipt