Friday, March 9, 2012

Tulsa, Oklahoma Learner's Permit to Drive

Been here in the USA for 8 mons. and i just decided to get my DMV test here in Oklahoma. At first i don't like to get a DMV test bcoz i am not interested in driving really, so my manual is just sitting here for almost 8 mons. but i just realized that i need to learn how to drive and since i am pregnant and i cant work right now i started reading my handbook for the 1st time ^O^... I practiced free online test then after 2 wks. i told to my husband that i want to take the test even i dont have yet my GC on hand.. so called DMV and asked them what are the requirements and how much is the fee for the test. Here in Tulsa, OK the testing fee is $25.50 but i dont need to pay the fee unless i pass the exam, i had with me my BC, EAD, SSN, mil. dependent ID, our MC but she only asked for my EAD and SSN card then she entered all my information in her computer then i filled out a paper then i did my test.. and of course i passed... here it is 20 items and passing score is 15, and i got 17 correct out of 20 items. I would suggest to read the handbook bcoz here in Tulsa mostly the questions are road rules there is only one road sign... after i passed the test she gave me a piece of paper that i brought to the tag agency here and there i paid the fee, after paying the fee i also got my TDL with me. They gave me 8 mons. to take the road test. And also if you are wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses u wear it bcoz they will test the eye vision too.