Sunday, May 27, 2012

K2 Interview and POE

K2 Interview- April 17, 2012

Mom and my son went to Manila April 16, 2012 and stayed at Granprix Hotel for my son's interview the next day.

April 17, 2012 is my son's big day. They went to the US Embassy like 4:30 am and mom told me there is already a long line waiting. Miguel is a very smart boy so actually it looks like he knows what to do. Mom is a little slow getting to the booth so Miguel always come to the booth first. His interview went very well, no lots of questions asked just personal questions that usually comes out during the interview. But they got all the legal docs. that we sent to them. Below are the list of documents that my son have during his interview.....

K2 Interview Documents:

2x2 U.S Visa Pic pasted to DS- 156- 2pcs.

My authorization letter for my mom who will accompany my son on his med. and interview

Eligibility Letter from the US Embassy

BPI Receipt and Interview Schedule Appointment


2 copies of DS- 156 and DS- 157

BC and Baptismal of my son

I- 134 Form from my husband

ITR 2010- 2011


GI Bill Docs., Retirement Statement, VA Disability Statement

Pics of us together

Copy of our MC (USC) and my Annulment Docs.

Copy of my I-94, Visa and Passport Information

Copy of my US IDs ( EAD, GC, Military Dependent ID, Learner's Permit to drive)

After 3 days of my son's interview his visa was issued. April 20, 2012 and no one week and it was in the 2go in our place. My mom just picked it up.

I went to the PH to fetch my son and stayed there for 3 wks. K2's CFO doesn't need to do the seminar we just went to the CFO ofc. to pay for the registration and get his sticker. Paid that for 400 pesos.

At NAIA because our ticket was purchased here in the USA we are required to pay T.T for my son because he doesn't have a GC yet.

Travel Tax: P810-
Processing Fee- GC Holder: P200-
Processing Fee- K2 Visa Holder: P200
Terminal Fee: P550/ person travelling

Note: they asked for my MC bcoz still using my old PP that's in my maiden name.

Finally at the POE: we did his POE in Guam, because i have the GC i just showed the IO my PP and my GC then i did the finger scanning. Then we went to a room of US Immigration in Guam to process Miguel's entry, they got his yellow packet no questions asked from us regarding his K2 visa/ entry.

K2 Arrival in the USA: May 22, 2012

Hope it helps... and good luck...


Anonymous said...

Na release pala after 3days visa ng anak mk galing naman,, yong anak ko sa friday yong interview tumawag ako sa embassy kanina sabi release dae nila bukas,, ano oras mah close ang cfo?

sweetie said...

thank u!, yes after 3 days na ma-interview anak ko release agad visa nya... hindi ako sure what time sila close e pero for sure asa website un ng cfo kung until what time sila... madali lang namn ang cfo ng bata... pagminor kc wala ng seminar e...^_^

Anonymous said...

Anong IO?

Anonymous said...

My SSN number na ba anak mo? Kc anak ko kakarating lang dito gusto na namin siya kunan ng SSN pero nong pumunta kahapon don sa office nila sabi kailangan ko raw ng work authorization?

sweetie said...

Sorry ngaun lang ulit ako nag-visit ng blog ko... so busy na kc this past few months... IO- meaning immigration officer; wla pang SSN anak ko kc di sila pedeng bigyan unless meron na silang EAD card or GC...:)